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Phương Nam Education
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My resource hasn’t downloaded. What should I do?

We understand it's frustrating when you can't download a resource you really need. First, check that the internet browser you are using to access the Tes website is up-to-date. If you are using an old browser this can sometimes affect resource downloads. If you're using the 'Download all files' button, check that your computer or device can handle Zip files, otherwise you may need to download each file individually from the 'Files Included' section. If you're still having trouble please email the details to us at help@tes.com. Be sure to include the link to the resource and its exact title so that we can help.

What if I don't want to download the resource as a Zip file?

When you download a resource that contains multiple files you can choose to download all the files at once (as a Zip file) by clicking the 'Download' button to the top right of the resource page. However, you still have the option to download files one by one. Simply scroll down the resource page and click on the 'Files included' tab where all the individual resource files included in the resource will be listed. Click the download icon to left of the file to download it.

Why are some resources free and some paid?

The decision to allow teachers to charge for the resources they share was made based on feedback from our members. We recognise that many people share on a goodwill basis. The Tes website will remain free to join and anyone who wants to upload new free content can still do so.

How do I download a bundle?

If you are having trouble downloading the resources from a bundle you have bought, please follow these instructions.

  • Go back to the resource page you purchased from. If you can’t find it through search, check your inbox for the email confirming your purchase which will guide you back to the resource.
  • Scroll down the page until your see 'Resources Included.' You may need to click on 'See all Resources' to view them all if there are a large number included.
  • Click on the 'Download' link next to each of the resource titles to download the files. This will download each file into zip files. These will then be located locally on your device. You can then re-download the resource at any time from the 'Downloads' tab on your left-hand-side navigation menu.
Ratings and Reviews

How do I rate and review a resource?

You can rate and review a resource by clicking the 'Review this Resource' link underneath it. If you've downloaded the resource, you can also rate and review it within your 'Downloads' dashboard. If it's a paid resource, you will need to have purchased the resource before you can leave a review.
Licences and Copyright

What are Creative Commons licences?

Creative Commons is a public copyright licence created to support the spirit of sharing for free in an open internet. The use of a Creative Commons licence means an author can give people the right to share, use and build upon a resource that they have created. We're always listening to our users’ feedback and we know that being able to download, change, adapt and share resources is a key part of a teacher’s working life – Creative Commons facilitates and protects this process. You can find more FAQs about Licensing and Copyright here.